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The SBA HUBZone office provides assistance with eligibility via the toll-free number: 1-888-858-2144 (access code 1875223#) on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2 p.m. to 3.m p.m. .m ET. Participants influence the topics through their questions. HUBZone employees facilitate the discussion by providing answers and introducing specific topics when time permits. This format provides an opportunity to learn how to maintain eligibility in order to reduce the possibility of an initial application being rejected or decertified after receiving HUBZone certification. If you`re looking for status information, need help troubleshooting technical issues, or need individual answers from the HUBZone desktop, you can send hubzone@sba.gov an email. You can also request an appointment by filling out the HUBZone Analyst appointment form. The federal government aims to award 3% of all dollars for major federal contracts to HUBZone certified small businesses. The HubZone (Historical Underused Business Zones) program helps small businesses in urban and rural communities gain priority access to federal procurement opportunities. The federal government aims to award at least 3% of all dollars for major federal contracts to HUBZone certified companies.

Agencies may close contracts for which only HUBZone companies are allowed to bid, or they may award exclusive purchase contracts to HUBZone companies to achieve this goal. HUBZone certified contractors may also be eligible for a 10% price evaluation preference in certain cases of full and open contract competitions and subcontracting opportunities. Click here to visit the SBA HUBZone page. Determines which businesses are eligible to receive HUBZone contracts To be eligible for the program, a business (other than tribal corporations) must meet the following criteria: Pro-West & Associates, Inc. (PWA) is a small, women-led, HUBZone-certified business in northern Minnesota. Although the company with 23 employees is considered a small business by the standards of large cities, it is considered a major employer in the region. They became clients of PTAC in 2005 and have used PTAC-sponsored seminars, offer job shadowing, registration assistance and one-on-one advice to develop strategies to seize government opportunities. Most importantly, support for HUBZone certification; With this certification, many doors have been opened with department stores. In 2013, the PWA was approved by the United States. Small Business Administration named Subcontractor of the Year 2013 after being nominated for its „superior technical skills, proactive response to workload, technological skills, profitability and working relationships as a subcontractor”. 5 Things previously discussed the basics of program 8(a) and eligibility criteria.

But Program 8(a) is not the only socio-economic program that benefits small businesses. In this article, we`ll start by exploring another important program for small businesses: the historically underutilized business zone or HUBZone program. To discover what`s new in HUBZone, visit HUBZone: Latest news and articles! The HubZone (Historical Underused Business Zones) program helps small businesses in urban and rural communities gain priority access to federal procurement opportunities. These preferences apply to small businesses that receive HUBZone certification in part by employing employees who live in a HUBZone. The company must also maintain a „head office” in one of these specially designated areas. This article discusses features and permissions for small businesses to be part of HUBZone, which can be useful for both the small business owner and contract staff. Contract agents may also find this information useful, in addition to some information about regulations to meet their needs for supporting small businesses qualified with HUBZones. Essentially, the HUBZone program is designed to provide economic support to economically weak geographic areas by awarding federal contracts to small businesses that operate in those regions and employ workers. Maintains a list of qualified HUBZone small businesses that federal agencies can use to find suppliers Part I explains how HUBZone scopes are named, Part II explains how affiliates are treated, how certification is maintained after the loss of HUBZone HUBZone joint ventures and contract awarding, regulatory requirements, and best practices for obtaining and maintaining certification.

Maintain. That`s it: five things about the basics of HUBZone. Look for the next articles that explain the requirements of the HUBZone program in more detail. Annette Theroux, President and CEO of PWA, writes: „MN PTAC has played a major role over the past decade of PWA`s growth, including support during the nomination and award process for the SBA. PTAC`s coaching, webinars, courses, and matchmaking events have supported the company`s efforts to win federal contracts and become a team member for several multi-year contracts for the EPA, Army Corps of Engineers, and the USDA Forest Service. „Your local PTAC consultant can answer you or help you with one of the following steps. Click here to find your GVWR today! Countries within the boundaries of state-approved Indian reservations. For more information about the program, see UNDERSTANDING THE HUBZone Program. This continued eligibility can cause heartburn for some businesses, especially when it comes to the 35% residency requirement. Consider the following scenario: A company has 10 employees (4 of whom live in a HUBZone) at the time of submitting its bid, but then, before the contract is awarded, one of its HUBZone employees takes a job elsewhere. At the time of the tender, 40% of employees lived in a HUBZone; At the time of allocation, only 33% had done so. Through no fault of its own, the company would not be entitled to compensation.

HubZone authorization is an ongoing process. A company must qualify at the time of submission of its bid under a HUBZone contract and at the time of award. And once the company is at work, it must „try” to maintain its compliance with the regulations. .

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